Andres Rojas, PhD

I obtained my major in Biology in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I majored in biology because I have always had a great interest in studying living organisms. While I was completing my major in Colombia I was fascinated with all the processes that take place in a single cell and all the different mechanisms involved in the response of a cell to a certain stimuli and how such a response is affected by the environment.    
Now as a postodctoral fellow in this lab, I am studying the role of perycites on kidney fibrosis. It is known the importance of perycites on angiogenesis during in development but little is known about its role on kidney fibrosis, but some preliminary data found in our lab is showing that perycites could be important targets of research in the prevention of fibrosis.

In my “spare time” I enjoy outdoors activities, playing and watching soccer, and spending a lot of time with my wife and daughter.