Angela Huang, PhD
Scientist I

B.S., M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University
Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Yale University

Current Research
Establishing the Human Physiological Systems (HuPS) Core Facility at Biogen

Microfluidic Device
• Create a blood-brain barrier to test vascular leak and leukocyte trafficking
• Create a lung capillary bed to test therapeutic reagents to reduce leak
• Create kidney capillary bed to test factors regulating angiogenesis

Human Cell Bank Creation
• Isolate and bank organ-specific (kidney, lung, aorta) primary human fetal cells
• Create various immortalized human fetal cell lines

Kidney Fibrosis
• Investigate whether small molecule inhibition is permissive for angiogenesis in the kidney endothelium
• Investigate if discrete pericyte sub-populations regulate vessel stability and angiogenesis in a human kidney capillary
• Explore mechanisms involved in kidney angiogenesis in response to injury and diseases

Past Research
Expertise in:
• Regenerative medicine
• Device design and development
• ECM Biomechanics