Chien-liang Chen, MD

Chien-liang Chen graduated from National Yang Ming University in Taiwan. He practices Nephrology full time at Kaohsiung veterans general hospital with special interests in clinical nephrology such as nephrotic syndrome, dialysis disequilibrium syndrome, uremia encephalopathy electrolyte imbalance, and different pore size and materials dialyzer in acute renal failure. He joined the Duffield lab in July, 2009. He is receiving post-doctor training focussing on the role of Damage Associated Molecular Pattern Molecules [DAMPs], released or secreted by damaged or injured cells or the critical role of DAMPs in the initiation of chronic inflammation and the disease that often eventuates as a consequence, renal failure. In his ‘spare’ time he cares about world news and history, especially about war, plays table tennis and spends time with children.