Claudia Schrimpf, MD

Claudia Schrimpf graduated from Rhenanian Westfalian Technical University Aachen in May 2006 after finishing medical school. She started the common trunk in surgery in a affiliated hospital of the Medical School Hannover  in July 2006.  In September 2009 she passed the examination for her medical degree (Dr. med.) by defending her thesis, with magna cum laude. The theme of her thesis was the Comparison of an Anti-ICAM 1 full IgG antibody to a FAB fragment in the treatment of burns in a rabbit model. Besides surgical training, Claudia passed rotations on ICU, ER and was one of the responsible physicians on emergency medical services in the field.

After a Lab training period in Spring 2009 at the Medical School Hannover Claudia joined the Laboratory of Inflammation research in August 2009. Her main research interests include the impacts of angio- and vasculogenesis in kidney fibrosis with a special focus on the role of pericytes in tissue remodeling.


As hobbies, Claudia likes to read books especially cooking books, go on markets (food and flee) and cook. Furthermore one of her passions is to travel to different countries and she looks forward to explore the US.